The Pickle & Chilly Dill

Springfield’s Premier location where pickleball meets recovery and wellness!

Located at Battlefield Road and Hwy 65

Welcome to the premier destination where pickleball meets recovery and wellness – The Big Pickle!

Our convenient location is 3350 E Montclair, right off Hwy 65 and Battlefield Road in Springfield, Missouri. A vibrant community of pickleball enthusiasts coming together in a state-of-the-art facility designed to elevate your game and rejuvenate your body.

At The Pickle, it’s not just about the matches on the court – it’s about nurturing your body and mind for peak performance and FUN. From innovative recovery methods at The Chilly Dill to relaxation in our lounge area, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

So whether you’re smashing winners on the pickleball court or indulging in a well-deserved recovery session, this is where your wellness journey truly begins. Come join us and experience the perfect fusion of fun, fitness, and rejuvenation!

What’s holding you back? We’re here to help guide and support you.

4 all new indoor courts

4 all new pickleball courts; amazing Mondo flooring to provide excellent shock recovery and bounce.

The Chilly Dill 

Swing by and check out how we can help you bounce back faster and keep the good times rolling! We’ve got cryotherapy in all its forms and much more!

Pickle Pit

Chill out with a cold beverage at the Pickle Pit, relax, swap stories, and cheer on your friends in our lounge!!

Come see our brand new facility! 

  • 4 Indoor pickleball courts! 

  • Suite of services for Cryotherapy

  • The Pickle Pit – Lounge

What we offer…

The Pickle

The Chilly Dill

The Pickle Pit